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Weddings & Events

A dream Comes True
Allow us to attend to the minutia so that the celebration of your love takes center stage, and you are free to rejoice in the joy and magic of your special day, surrounded by the love of your family and friends.
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A Paradise For Love Birds

Picture this: Your hearts are entwined as you whisper your vows amidst the peaceful embrace of Mother Samadhi, encompassed by all of nature's glory. The intimate ambiance of the natural realm draws you and your beloved closer, nurturing a pure and unbreakable bond on this most sacred of days. The warm golden rays of the sun, a celestial spectator, bless your union as you embark on the journey of a lifetime, hand in hand, heart to heart, forever together.
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The Perfect Canvas

At Mother Samadhi, your wedding day should be an ethereal tapestry woven from the threads of your unique love story. Our gardens, a flourishing kaleidoscope of color, the lustrous lake, a looking glass to the heavens above, and the impenetrable forests, an orchestra of rustling leaves, serve as the perfect canvas for your nuptial celebration. As you wander with hands clasped through this enchanted wonderland, your senses will be enraptured by the beauty surrounding you. Honor your love in a world of sophistication and serenity, where every detail has been carefully crafted to make your special day unforgettable. Amidst the breathtaking magnificence of the natural world, you and your beloved are free to luxuriate in each other's embrace, untroubled by the cares of the outside world as total tranquility envelops you.
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Boundless Potentiality

The options for your dream ceremony at Mother Samadhi are as boundless as your love. Our devoted wedding planners will craft a celebration that is as unique as your love story, with every technicality tailored to your desire. Our elegantly appointed cabins and concrete tube rooms overlooking the forest offer the utmost comfort and privacy, with every amenity to make your stay unforgettable. We encourage you to invite loved ones in preparation for your special day, with more than enough space to exclusively accommodate close friends and family. Our unwavering commitment is to bring your wedding vision to fruition, making your celebration of love a reality beyond your wildest dreams. Let our culinary artists create a feast that is a celebration of your marriage, with dishes as beautifully crafted as your union. And as the night unfolds, our mixologists will craft cocktails with flavors that dance on the palate and tantalize the senses. The possibilities are endless.
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A Dream Come True

Anciently known as “Cajón Mengro”, are the majestic creations of Mother Nature and the finest touch of a unique architectural design. The Geometricas Hot Springs are located in the Villarrica National Park near the town Coñaripe. The uniqueness and exclusivity of this location is carried out by the architect Germán del Sol where he took nature to geometry achieving a harmony between wood and noble materials. Walk on the footbridge and let the warm energy of the thermal water inhabit your body and soul.
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Unforgettable Events

Mother Samadhi is a serene oasis that offers the perfect backdrop for various events, including wellness and meditation retreats. Our lush surroundings and harmonious atmosphere create an environment that encourages relaxation, rejuvenation, and mindfulness. Our dedicated team works closely with event planners to understand your needs and create an experience that exceeds your expectations. We offer customizable rental packages that allow you to fully utilize our facilities and offer your guests the ultimate getaway. From outdoor yoga sessions to indoor workshops, our flexible spaces can accommodate a range of activities and events. Come immerse yourself in the tranquility of Mother Samadhi and host an event that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.
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