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Luxury in Privacy
Gourmet Dining Options Made with Love Exclusively for You!
Our restaurant staff works tirelessly to bring to the table gourmet options diversified to let you indulge in a unique and mouth watering experience. Our guests are served with full exclusivity, and catered to with utmost creativity, offering options from French, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Chilean cuisines.
Open Days:
Monday to Sunday
Open Timing:
3 pm - 11 pm
Or call us: +56 9 3459 7581
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Our Specialties

Creative Gourmet Selection

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Organic Salad
Salad prepared with organic cherry tomatoes, basil, cucumber and goat cheese made with love from Samadhi Greenhouse.
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Diguenes Empanadas
Empanada with native mushrooms picked from Samadhi forest and fried with care to serve you one of the most delicious tastes in the region.
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Sautéd Shrimps
Fresh, catch of the day shrimps delicately cooked with organic garlic from Samadhi greenhouse and organic chilean white wine serving a unique delicacy like nowhere else.
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HomeMade Yogurt
Our yogurt is locally made with fresh milk of the day bought from the local community to serve you the unique and delicious taste of freshness.
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