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Off-Site Activities

Limitless possibilities
We give a valiant effort to offer everyone of our visitors a unique selection of activities that you cannot find anywhere else
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Trek Volcano Nevados de Sollipulli

Indulge in the magical landscapes of the Andes in La Araucanía and liberate your senses around the wonderful Nevados Volcano of Sollipulli, with the largest glacier in the region residing inside its crater. Climbing a volcano is one of your limitless possibilities that Mother Samadhi has to, exclusively, offer you.
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Natural Therapy

Limitless Possibilities

Alpehue & Queipue Thermal baths
Picture yourself in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, where the breathtaking rock formations and holy forests are combined with thermal water falling from the thousand-year-old hot spring. Meditate and connect your mind with the holy energy of this sacred chancel.
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A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Conguillio National Park

Indulge in a jaw-dropping heavenly location like no other. Conguillio National Park is home to one of Chile's most active volcanoes, Llaima, and the oldest national tree of Chile,”Araucaria Araucana”, which existed since the time of the Dinosaurs.
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Architectural bet in the middle of the forest

Geometricas Hot Springs in Villarrica

Anciently known as “Cajón Mengro”, are the majestic creations of Mother Nature and the finest touch of a unique architectural design. The Geometricas Hot Springs are located in the Villarrica National Park near the town Coñaripe. The uniqueness and exclusivity of this location is carried out by the architect Germán del Sol where he took nature to geometry achieving a harmony between wood and noble materials. Walk on the footbridge and let the warm energy of the thermal water inhabit your body and soul.
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Luxury & Exclusivity

Helicopter Tour around Villarrica & LLaima Volcanoes

Don´t miss the chance of seeing the lava closely from the vent of the snow capped volcanoes of LLaima & Villarrica. An exclusive and unique experience offered to you by the team of Samadhi. A private helicopter will pick you from our Main Cabin and take you for your unforgettable one hour and a half tour. Enjoy on the way back the breathtaking view of the secluded lakes on top of the mountains like no one else.
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